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What Our Customers Are Saying

We really weren’t expecting to be able to buy a home for awhile.  But God bless us, we were able to meet Miss Lara. She’s been great with us, educating us on the process, and we couldn’t have done it without her. Tremendous blessings to you. We’ve already painted his room all “McQueen” colors. We’re gonna paint our bathroom and do some landscaping in the future.  Thank you Lara, thank you, Home Freedom Realty, and thank you God, for giving us this opportunity.

Jennifer and Doug W.
Killeen, TX

INTERVIEWER FROM VIDEO: (Hi my name is Lara, I’m sitting here with Norma Guerrero. She just purchased a home that she absolutely LOVES. She was living in this cramped little 2 bedroom, what was it, an apartment? They just moved into an awesome 1800 square foot, 4 bedroom home, they’re gonna have so much space now. And Norma, tell me a little bit about how you feel right now. You just purchased a home!)… I’m so happy. I was looking for a home for the past 4 weeks, and it just took me 4 days to get a new home, and I’m so happy for that. 

(That’s great. Well, I’m very happy for you. Have you ever tried to apply for a loan before? Or what was your situation?) The thing is that I don’t have a history on my credit. So that’s why I never applied for a home… They’re doing the tile all over the house. Thank you!

Norma G.
Manor, TX

I am delighted to be one of Bob's customers. The whole process of buying the house, fixing it up and marketing have been great! It is nice to tap into your years of experience and vast network of trades people in helping us through the entire process. I feel like I made a quantum leap forward in learning the rehab business due to the his system and I highly recommend it.

Thank you for your time and setting up the system allowing others to break into the business of rehabbing houses. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many more deals to come.


The property I purchased and fixed from Bob Gomez sold fast with a 100% cash on cash rate of return on my investment!  The property I purchased was priced way below market value. The consulting support I received was beneficial in my success. I hope to do this again and again. Bob and his team are honest and very helpful. Great to work with them. I also enjoy the local networking group that they Host through AZREIA that meets once per month. Thanks Bob and your team for your excellent support.


Bill, Laura and the whole crew at Advantage Homebuyers worked HARD to put us in a home that fits us BEAUTIFULLY. Even though we weren't the "perfect" candidates    credit-wise they knew how to work the deal and make it happen. Can't recommend these folks highly enough. They made a true believer out of this doubter. And if they can make it happen for us, they can make it happen for you! There are ear-to-ear smiles at my new home thanks to these fine folks!

Bobbie & Bruce A. & family
Graham, NC

My family and I want to thank you for a great experience! Due to an unforeseen tragedy my family was left with not so great credit. We were trying to find a new home in the Atlanta area near the airport. We were moving from out of state and USA Housing Solutions worked with us for 2 months during my daughter's illness, We found them on the internet and we were skeptical so I went through the Better Business Bureau and my family did some checking around. Highly recommended with no blemishes. For our family, this company helped our dream of getting a new home, in a new area and our credit is in the process of being repaired!
Marsella Burgess
College Park, GA

This experience turned out to be one of the most beneficial and positive experiences of my life. I will remain ever thankful to USA Housing Solutions for providing me with the opportunity to own my own home.

There is nothing more I can say about Will and his staff except: Thank you for being there when I needed you the most!
Joseph Samuels
Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank the staff at USA Housing Solutions for helping me to become a homeowner. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to own a home and have been told that they don't qualify! 

After years of renting and being turned down by mortgage brokers and real estate agents, I never thought it would be possible to ever own a home. Willie patiently explained how their homeownership programs worked. His staff put it all in writing, and they actually did what they said they would do. That's a rarity in today's world.

 I self-toured the home, completed the application and after faxing it in, the whole process to getting the keys took only 5 days! It was easier than getting approved for the apartment that I was renting. 

My only regret is that I didn't find out about this company sooner! Thanks again and God Bless.
Thomas Wesley
Camp Creek, GA

My husband and I never thought we could own our own home before we answered on of your ads. We just had never given it much thought, it just seemed like something for the future. I knew that neither my husband or myself had the credit to get approved for a home loan. But when we answered your ad and you explained your company's Lease-to-Own American Dream program, we knew it was just perfect for us. We could live in and rent the home we wanted to buy as we worked to save up on the down payment of the home. I couldn't believe it. You are so generous. There are so many options and you are so flexible on the terms that the idea of owning our very first home does not seem as such a far-fetched idea anymore. Thank you for your kindness and your willingness to help folks like us. 
Helen Patton
Fayetteville, GA

"Thank you for being a great office to work with"
J. Marte
Greensboro, NC

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